High Current Low Voltage Rectifiers

We have been supplying High Current Low Voltage Rectiformer used is various electrochemical applications such as Hydro generator, Chlorination, Water Treatment, Electro winning of metals, Polarization Rectifiers, Coating processes, Aluminum, Electro coloring, etc.

We can supply rectifiers in variety of configuration such as:

6 pulse /12 pulse other pulse configuration
Air /oil cooled Type
Primary controlled as secondary controlled
Transformers Oil Cooled or Dry Type as per Standards
Rectifiers: Air Cooled as per Standards, with multi pulse configurations (6, 12, 24 pulse) for reduced Harmonics Variety of transformer connections such as delta / star, extended delta, zigzag etc



Salient Features:

Designed for High Reliability continuous duty operation with High up-time
Rectifier Configuration, Controls and Features are supplied as per application requirement
Wide range of allowable input voltage variation and ambient conditions
Various Type of Protection such as Thermal Overload, Over Temperature, Zero Interlock, Phase Reversal, DC Overload, Earth Fault have been provided
All routine Tests and Type Tests done prior to dispatch

Technical Specification:

Supply 220 V / 415 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz
Voltage Range up to 50 V DC
Current Range up to 6,000 A DC
Noise level ≤75 dB
Percentage Ripple Less than 5%
Voltage regulation ±3 %


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