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The TESLA CLT series determines if the stator core has shorted steel laminations. A predetermined number of turns of insulated cable are passed through the bore with the rotor removed. Voltage is applied to the cable to produce a preselected value of magnetic flux in the stator core. The core is observed with an thermal imaging camera to see if there are hot spots caused by shorted laminations.


  • Zero start interlock for safety
  • Easy to Operate & Maintain
  • Core Loop tester is a single unit.
  • High efficient with minimum impedance & high accuracy.
  • High accuracy of core loop tester is designed with highly graded winding.
  • Main Incoming consists of MCCB at input, & Ampere meter with CT & Timer for Test time.
  • It consists of Multi function meter to measure Power & Voltmeter to measure Induced voltage in core.
  • All the equipments are housed in a robust cabinet with adequate ventilation.
  • Wheel mounted for easy transportation


TESLA make Core Loop Testers are applied for testing of the following equipments:-

  • Testing of the healthiness of stator core assembled of electrical machines like Induction Motors & Traction Motors.

Technical Specifications:

Model CLT100 CLT250
Output Current 100A at 120V 250A at 150V
Output Supply 0 – 60 – 90 – 120V 0 – 45 – 90 – 120 – 150V
Input Supply  415V±10%, AC, 50 Hz, 2-Phases of 3-Phase system.
Duty Cycle Continuous duty at ambient temperature of 45 deg C.
Indications Bright LED for Test ON & Power ON operation
Protection & Safety Protected by MCB, HR Fuse, Zero start Interlock