The TESLA HVT series offer wide range of test voltages to determine the withstand capacity of electrical insulation for the normally occurring over voltage transient’s. The test is a means to qualify a device’s ability to operate safely during rated electrical conditions.


  • Easy to Operate & Maintain
  • Continuously variable Test Voltage by manual or motorized operation.
  • Provision of Digital meters for read out High Voltage and Leakage current
  • Audio indications through Buzzer for High Voltage is Present
  • Visual indications for HT ON & OFF  for High Voltage is Present
  • Continuously Variable from 20% to 100% Leakage current through multi turn potentiometer by front panel control.
  • High voltage safety probe with push button enable features provides up to 10KV instruments.
  • Zero start interlock to Provide operator Safety
  • Provision of S.S Terminals for Earthing of the control panel and HV Transformer units.
  • Fully Automatic HV test set with computer compatibility for measurement record and analysis.


The high voltage is applied to insulation of equipment under test, as defined as per voltage rating of equipment. It is generally used in testing of the following areas:-

  • Transformer, Generator, switch gear testing
  • Domestic appliance testing
  • Power Utilities, Substations
  • Capacitor Coils & chokes
  • Cable & wire testing


Technical Specifications:

Model HVT10 HVT30 HVT40 HVT50 HVT80 HVT120 HVT150 HVT200 HVT300 HVT500
Output Voltage 10kV 30kV 40kV 50kV 80kV 120kV 150kV 200kV 300kV 500kV
Tripping Current Range 50mA – 50A
Input Supply 230V±10%, AC, 1-Phase    /   415 V±10%, AC, 2-Phases of 3-Phase system.
Type of Voltage AC, DC , AC-DC
Display ( V/I ) Digital Meter
Type of Trf. Oil immersed type for higher capacity & in class-F insulation up 10 kV  Transformer
Type of Enclosure Portable & open able type enclosure up to 10 kV for easy maintenance