The TESLA RCT series is designed to minimize the inrush current, Voltage notching effects and voltage spikes. It is also used to limit the short circuit currents which can cause damage to the equipments of the power system.


  • Construction will be core type with coils of copper / Aluminium conductor will be electrolytic grade of highest purity. This conductor will be Paper/Glass/Mica/Numax covered as per the requirement of class of instruction for air /oil cooled.
  • The efficiency of the reactor will be more than 95% so as to avoid heating and power losses during continue testing of the job.
  • To prove the above efficiency, we have  full load testing facility of the above said reactor
  • Vibration will be kept at minimum to avoid harmonic generation for which the system has to be vary rugged with pre-loaded bearings, Teflon bushes, on magnetic access shaft etc.
  • In case of variable reactors, the variationwill be from  30% to 100% of the rated kVAR. The reactor will be operated by brake motor with appropriate gear box .there will be provision for manual operation too, incase  motor fails.Wheel  mounted for easy Transportation.                                                 


The Reactors are used in high voltage testing of any types of Generator & Motor . In this , load is always capacicitive , so that it draws the capacitive current. To supply this heavy capacitive current, we need higher rating of Input supply. To minimize this reactive capacitive power in high voltage system, reactors are used in LT side. These reactors neutralize the capacitive reactive power and reduce the Input supply current. They are mainly used in

  • High voltage testing of any type of Generators.
  • High voltage testing of any type of Motors.

Technical Specifications:

Rating Ranges From 50 kVAR to 1 MVAR
Input Voltage 415 V AC, 1 Phase & 3 Phase
Efficiency 70% – 95%
Design Low loss Design
Tapping Single Tap / Multi tap
Type Fixed  /  Variable
Winding Copper / Aluminium
Cooling Air Natural Cooled / Oil Cooled
Display (V/I ) Digital Meter
Type of Enclosure Portable & open able type enclosure for easy maintenance