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The TESLA PIK series is the most suitable testing kit for checking the over-current trip relays. The kit is attached to a circuit breaker with the injection of a predetermined current in the circuit breaker. It is possible to check if the relay of the current will trip or not.


  • Zero start interlock for safety
  • Auto cutoff upon tripping relay
  • Digital timer for measuring tripping time
  • High VA burden to test high impedance object
  • Variable output current
  • Easy to Operate & Maintain
  • Wheel mounted for easy transportation


TESLA make Primary current injection test sets are applied for testing of the following:-

  • Primary injection tests
  • Circuit Breaker Testing
  • Protective Relay Testing Switchgear Testing

Technical Specifications:

Model PIK200 PIK500 PIK1000 PIK1500 PIK2000 PIK2500 PIK3000 PIK5000 PIK7000 PIK10000
Output Current 0-200A 0-500A 0-1000A 0-1500A 0-2000A 0-2500A 0-3000A 0-5000A 0-7000A 0-10000A
Accuracy ±1.5% of Reading  ± 2 digits
Timer 0.0001 to 9999 sec Auto ranging timer with trip circuit
Mains Supply 230V±10%, AC, 50 Hz, 1-Phase    /   415V±10%, AC, 50 Hz, 2-Phases of 3-Phase system.
Duty Cycle 10 min ON, 20 min OFF /  Continuous
Indications Bright LED for Test ON & Power ON operation
Protection & Safety Protected by MCB, HR Fuse, Zero start Interlock