Carbon Resistance Brazing Machines

Our company is one of the recognized manufacturers of Resistance Brazing Machine, which are used for joining non ferrous materials like copper and brass. We provide two types of brazing machines such as stationary and portable as per the industrial applications.

Product Details:

  • In Resistance Brazing, the joint to be brazed is made part of an electric circuit in which the local heat developed by the resistance to the passage of electric current melts the brazing filler metal and joins the elements
  • Resistance-brazing is therefore suitable for applications in which rapid and localized heating is required and where electrodes can apply the pressure required to establish electrical contact
  • The heat is generated in the workpieces, in the electrodes or in both, depending on the dimensions and on the resistivity of the respective materials
  • In Resistance-brazing, generally water cooled high conductivity electrodes work well with low conductivity (high resistivity) base metals, in that resistive heat will be concentrated at the joint
  • For brazing high conductivity workpieces, the heat, generated in low conductivity (high resistivity) electrodes, will be transferred by thermal conduction to the joint through the base metal
  • For local applications on complex structures, small hand held specially made pliers called tongs are used, providing electric current (through cables running inside water cooled hoses) and squeezing pressure between the electrodes



  • Low power consumption
  • Easy current settings
  • Adjustable electrode pressure
  • Precise electronic timer for controlling braze time
  • Transfer more energy then other methods. So it is very energy efficient
  • Brazed joint are very strong similar to welded joints
  • Localized brazing possible
  • Fast heating system
  • Range: Up to 250 kVA

Technical Specifications:

  • Output power –5 kVA TO 250 kVA
  • O/P Frequency -50 HZ
  • Input voltage -230 or 400 V


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